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Join the 5am Club: How a Structured Morning Routine Can Skyrocket Your Business and Well-being

Join the 5AM Club Banner
Join the 5AM Club Banner

Many swear by the adage, "The early bird catches the worm," but I've taken that to heart in a transformative way. Since January 2023, I've been a proud member of the 5am club, and the impact on my life and business has been incredible. If you're curious about how early rising can elevate your career and personal life, read on!

The Routine that Changed My Life

Every night, I jot down one or two high-priority projects to focus on from 5am to 8am the next day. By the time my kids are up, I've already made significant progress. Post-school drop-off, I hit the gym and return home by 10:30am, allowing for a sacred 90-minute 'me time' before breaking my daily fast at noon. Afternoons are for coaching and business interactions.

The Science Behind Early Rising

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, early risers are not only more proactive but also better positioned to anticipate problems and minimize them efficiently. Moreover, a report in the Wall Street Journal reveals that CEOs who wake up early are more productive and achieve better work-life balance.

The Client Factor

Interestingly, my routine has been so inspiring that many clients now want a slice of my morning productivity. This efficacy isn't a stroke of luck; it's supported by neuroscientific research indicating that the brain's cognitive functions peak in the early morning.

A Shift in Perspective

Once you experience the joy of early rising, you'll realize it’s not just about waking up early; it’s about waking up right. So, what's your plan?

  1. Project Prioritisation: List your tasks by urgency and complexity. Dive into the challenging ones when your energy is at its peak.

  2. Me-Time Matters: Don't forget to carve out time for self-care. Workouts or meditations can revitalize you for the day ahead.

  3. Client Care: If your work involves client interactions, why not share your newfound morning productivity with them?


Remember, the point is not just to do more, but to be more: more focused, more balanced, and more fulfilled. Are you intrigued about how a 5am routine can revolutionise your life?

Feel free to book a call with me. Let’s make your mornings count!

If you're eager to boost both your business and personal life, the 5am club could be your game-changer. Will you join me?


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