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Hi, I am Yvonne.

...and my journey into the heart of entrepreneurial success and personal well-being began in 2004, a pivotal year that saw me leave behind the constraints of middle management in the corporate world.


Fuelled by a vision to redefine what it means to be successful in business, I embarked on a path that not only challenged the status quo but also paved the way for a life where balance and health are paramount.

My initial venture into entrepreneurship wasn't just about setting up a business; it was about challenging and transforming the traditional corporate model. Armed with a clear vision and a deep understanding of business dynamics, I established a company that featured all the hallmarks of a traditional corporate entity - a dedicated team, administrative support, company vehicles, and physical premises.


Within a mere four years, my business not only reached profitability but also expanded to a team of 20. Faster growth than I imagined and new challenges that I had to learn to navigate.

The New World Of Work

As the business landscape evolved, so did my aspirations. I witnessed firsthand the vortex-like nature of the traditional corporate world, a world that often pulls you in, limiting personal freedom, stifling creativity, and leading to burnout.

Recognising the need for a change, I embraced the fluidity of the modern work environment, akin to being in a rubber ring on a lazy river. It felt safe, and although there were occasional rapids, it was steadily moving me to a better place, away from the whirlpools of corporate life.

This transition was more than a change in business structure; it was a redefinition of my approach to work and life. In a move characteristic of my path, which often veers from the conventional, I welcomed the opportunity to grow a coaching business. 


That required not only the skills to be an excellent coach, but I had to get much more skilled at systems, marketing and being able to do many of these myself, long before I hired someone to do it for me.

entrepreneur on the lazy river
entrepreneur working from anywhere int he world

In this new realm, burnout is no longer a looming threat but a challenge that's been acknowledged and actively mitigated. The focus has shifted from mere survival in the business world to thriving in a space that allows for both professional success and personal well-being, a balance I cherish deeply.

Now, as I approach my 50s, I continue to learn and draw inspiration from youngsters who, 20-30 years my junior, are starting and scaling highly profitable one-person businesses, demonstrating the ever-evolving and dynamic nature of entrepreneurship. This new generation of business owners understands the importance of preventing burnout from the outset, and they're redefining the way we approach work and life.

In 2024, I am embarking on a passionate venture dedicated to a new aspect of burnout prevention for entrepreneurs. In fact, it is the antidote to being too busy, burnt-out and broke in business.


Through my journey, I've learned that leaving the corporate world doesn't automatically shield one from burnout. My own struggles and triumphs have taught me that entrepreneurial burnout is just as real and potent.


I've seen how easily one can slip back into those familiar patterns of overworking, especially in the pursuit of success in a less financially predictable environment.


My goal is to illuminate a new path for entrepreneurs, one that redefines their approach to work and life, steering clear of the burnout traps that are all too common in the corporate realm.


It's about laying out a fresh mindset and approach to work, ensuring that their entrepreneurial spirit flourishes without the shadow of burnout.

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Hello! Thanks for dropping by my About Me page. I completely understand that life can sometimes throw us off balance, and reaching out for support might feel a bit, well, daunting.

But here's the deal – we're all navigating this journey called life, and I'm here to lend a hand. If you fancy connecting with me professionally and keeping up with my latest musings and updates, I'd be chuffed to bits! Just give that button below a click to pop over to my LinkedIn profile, and we can start building our professional connection.

No need to feel bashful – let's kickstart the journey towards a healthier, more balanced you, together. Can't wait to connect and share in our professional adventures!

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