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Walk away from burnout by copying this proven system, gained over 20 years of profitable entrepreneurship alongside a freedom lifestyle. 

Say goodbye to the frustrations of trial and error in your business systems and processes. Discover a straightforward operational, technology and marketing framework thats's tailor-made for solopreneurs and one-person businesses. It won't break the bank, and you won't need years to master it.

Many business owners embark on their entrepreneurial journey with a can-do attitude, having previously excelled in corporate roles. However, they soon discover that running a business involves much more than having a website and posting online. The lack of a clear strategy often leads to jumping between various aspects of the business without alignment in systems, technology, and messaging. This can result in the need for external contractors, increasing costs and risking burnout.

My journey in operational healthcare management since the mid 1990s eventually led me to start my own consultancy in 2004. As I expanded my expertise beyond my initial career focus on recruitment and operational management for large corporations, I found myself unsatisfied with the services provided by web designers, copywriters, and marketing consultants. So, when I transitioned into mindset coaching, I decided to use a fair chunk of my time mastering these skills so I could create what I wanted and not spend a tonne of money and feel disappointed.


During this time, I encountered many talented coaches and consultants who, like me, struggled with the complexities of entrepreneurship after leaving successful corporate roles. I realised that simplifying their businesses and strategies was the key to success.


​In 2023, with my children starting school, I decided to create a space where others could access the methods I've used to build a thriving practice. I designed this program with solopreneurs in mind, understanding that many prefer running a business alone without the burden of hiring employees or renting premises. They want to keep costs minimal and maintain flexibility to balance their business with family commitments. As a fellow parent with elderly relatives and school-age twins, I know the importance of time-saving and cost-effective solutions. Therefore, I've chosen technology that is affordable, often free, to keep monthly expenses low. Plus, your budget can be prioritised if you decide to invest in paid advertising.

I'm currently opening a waiting list for beta testers in 2024. This exclusive group will enjoy limited numbers and low costs as "early adopters." As the library of content expands, it's likely that future cohorts will pay more. By joining the waitlist, you'll secure your spot and access this valuable program at an advantageous rate.

Unlock Your 12-Month 'Profit Plan' and Avoid Overwhelm in Building Your Thriving Solopreneurship.


​If you're eager to be among our first beta testers and secure your spot, simply complete the form below. We'll reach out to you as soon as the program opens.

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