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Beyond the Hustle: Slowing Down & Trusting My Intuition Revolutionised My Entrepreneurial Journey

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Ah, the hustle—the ceaseless grind of entrepreneurship that we're conditioned to believe is the secret to success. There was a time when I, too, was fully subscribed to this philosophy. The sleepless nights, back-to-back meetings, endless calls; they were badges of honour, proof of my commitment to my entrepreneurial dream. But here's what I realised: The hustle was costing me dearly, not just in terms of well-being but also in the quality of my decision-making and, consequently, the success of my business.

So I took a drastic step. I ditched the hustle, slowed down, and started trusting my intuition. And guess what? The result was transformative. Let me share how neuroscience and a more intuitive, balanced approach revamped my entrepreneurial journey.

Why I Ditched the Hustle

I was the epitome of a modern entrepreneur: always on the go, always plugged in. But behind that incessant energy was an ever-growing exhaustion, cynicism, and a troubling sense of ineffectiveness. In my quest to do it all, I had lost touch with my inner compass, the intuition that had guided me so well in the past.

It took a hard stop to realise that my burnout symptoms were not a sign of commitment or drive; they were glaring red flags warning me that I was risking both my mental health and the future of my business. And so, armed with my background in occupational health and coaching, I decided it was time for a reset.

Story One: The Burnout Crisis

I remember a particular moment, a crucial business decision that I flubbed because I was just too burnt out to think clearly. I was working on a project that had the potential to take my business to new heights. But due to my mental and emotional exhaustion, I made an ill-informed decision that cost me valuable resources.

At that moment, it struck me that my brain's fight-or-flight mechanism was on permanent overdrive. The constant cortisol drip was affecting my ability to think clearly and act wisely. It was a wake-up call.

Story Two: The Intuitive Pivot

That's when I did the unimaginable—I took a week off. During that week, I didn't just rest; I connected with myself on a deep, intuitive level. Long walks, mindfulness sessions, and a tech detox later, I felt a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. My intuition was back, loud and clear, guiding me to make a pivot in my business strategy.

The result was astonishing. The project I had been struggling with fell into place effortlessly. Decisions were made easily, and they were the right decisions. My business started to grow, not in spite of my new approach, but because of it.

The Power of Intuition and Neuroscience

So why did slowing down and connecting with my intuition have such a transformative effect on my business? The answer lies in neuroscience.

The Brain-Gut Connection

Our gut is often called our 'second brain,' and for a good reason. It's a complex network of neurons that communicates directly with our brain. When we slow down and pay attention, our 'gut feelings' can provide invaluable insights.

Mindfulness and Neural Pathways

Mindfulness practices are proven to strengthen neural pathways related to attention, focus, and emotional regulation. By being present, we create a mental space that allows for intuitive insights to surface.

  1. Mindful Meditation: Take time each day to tune into your body and your thoughts.

  2. Intuition Journaling: Make a habit of writing down intuitive insights as they come to you.

  3. Scheduled Slow-Downs: Integrate periods of downtime where you intentionally unplug from the hustle.

  4. Tech-Free Zones: Create an environment that encourages you to connect with your intuition by having tech-free times or areas.

  5. Consult Your Gut: Before big decisions, take a moment to check in with your gut feeling on the matter.


Ditching the hustle and embracing an intuitive, brain-friendly approach to entrepreneurship has been nothing short of revolutionary for me. I'm now running my business in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable, and most importantly, highly effective.

If you're an entrepreneur who's caught in the relentless hustle, I can help you realign your approach through evidence-based neuroscience, coaching, and somatic techniques. Take the first step by filling out my Work-Life Balance Scorecard and Burnout Assessment to find out where you stand.

There's a whole world beyond the hustle. Are you ready to explore it? Don't just survive—thrive.

Reach out today, and let's start your journey to a more intuitive and balanced entrepreneurial life.


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